We are like waves coursing through the universe, amplifying each other. We wish to share our passion and expertise to empower and inspire you and your friends and family to fully live life- to thrive.

It starts with food. Food is fuel and structure. We are what we eat, literally. Food is an activity- eating, chopping, cooking, growing, harvesting, gardening, and finding- all best enjoyed in the company of others.
Food also reflects activity- sustainability, production, transportation, processing, and financial fairness. Our diet defines us. Ours is constantly evolving.

Relationships, sleep, movement, stress, water, hygiene, and drugs also influence health. We strive to improve every day. While we can’t completely control what happens to us, we can choose how we react and
what we do to our body. When our health improves, we are poised to help others. That is the meaning of being a true health professional. Healing begins at home.

Lifestyle is a philosophy. What type person do you want to be today?


Brandon is a 21st century Renaissance man. He is a lover, hippy, idealist, foodie, conscientious consumer, omnivore, gardener, professional student, future physician, budding scientist, student leader, reader, writer, speaker, teacher, singer, guitar and ukulele strummer, poet, dancer, traveler, bike commuter, soccer player, trail runner, urban explorer, bush whacker, oddball, chess player, socialite, addict, cook, yoga instructor, older brother, and the luckiest.

Hannah views health and wellness as the most creative way to discover, improve, and heal ourselves and our communities. We make our best contributions to our family, friends, coworkers and the environment when we feel great.  Feeling great is directly linked to what we eat because it influences how we think, the way we feel, and what we can do.

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The Healthy Living Project

Hannah Hidaka