“Hannah is the most industrious, tenacious, clever, and delightful person I have ever worked with. She is both a thinker and a do-er. This is an incredibly rare combination. I would hire Hannah in a heartbeat in the future if the opportunity presented itself.” —Joe Barrett President at Vendaria Media

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"Tooting your own horn" isn't looked upon favorably. Except in this case (right?!) when you're trying to convey your unique offerings to the world via a back-lit screen.

It just so happens that my word of the year is "Capable." I chose it (or did it choose me?) because it's how I wanted to feel. In retrospect, I realize I've always been capable, but in reflecting and intentionally inviting this trait into my life, I clearly see the evidence. And as fate would have it, capable is the exact word to describe how I feel working with you to navigate hurdles in your career, in your home and your heart.

My ideas are plentiful.
My networks are vast.
Connections are key.

Not the "who you know" connections (although those certainly count) but the heart, human, experience, listening, feeling, playing, creative, community connections.

As a consultant, I am like a compass. The task at hand is to align you with the earth's magnetic field and your direction will be determined. Your destination found.

Brandon Hidaka, M.D., Ph.D

Hannah Hidaka, MA


Currently 1st year resident in Family Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle.

M.D. University of Kansas Medical Center, 2017

Ph.D. in Medical Nutrition, 2011-2015
University of Kansas Medical Center

B.A. in Psychology and Biochemistry , 2004-2009
University of Kansas


M.A. in Art History, 2006-2009
University of Missouri-Kansas City

B.F.A. in Pre-Art Therapy, 2001-2005
Kansas State University