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Having a knowledgeable health advocate can help you understand your body and empower you! Kansas City Integrative Health takes an individualized approach that blends old wisdom and modern technology.


In a many families take on significant debt or turn to public assistance around the birth of a child. In Sweden, parents are given 480 paid days per child, to be shared between them and used anytime before the kid turns eight.

When Google lengthened its maternity leave from three months to five and made it fully paid, new-mom attrition fell by half.

Being an educated, talented, and capable woman doesn't inherently mean having a 40+ hours/week career. Here are a few resources for thinking about women in the workforce, work-life blend, and equality.

Take Back Your Time: Addressing the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling, and time famine

Women's Foundation: Advocating for policy solutions for equity and opportunity

The Way Women Work: Advice and How To's for promotions, negotiating, and networking

Discovering the joy of preparring and presenting healthy meals, snacks, and drinks.

In the bounty of the summer, I've discovered a plethora of medicinal herbs voluntarily growing in our backyard. Instagram makes it fun and easy to document!